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About Us

Our greatest adventure is introducing you to the wonders of the woods

Who we are

We believe in Power. We believe in Passion. And we believe in challenging both beyond the limits. Because when power meets passion, adventure begins!

In conventional terms, we are an adventure camp organizer settled in the paradise of Ranikhet. We understand what you need when the noises and the screams of the city begin to torture your nerves and your soul craves for a momentary relief from this crashing breakdown. And we do not just understand, we deliver that to you. Once you land up in here, your gratification becomes our responsibility.

We keep you in a duplex home situated amidst the tall woods, vast green meadows, tranquil surroundings and the perfect peace. We bring you the raw natural experience of living in the woods as well as let you enjoy the un-matched homely comforts.

Since 2006, we have been delivering amazing adventurous experiences to our clients coming from all spheres of life. Be it the chirpy school trip or the crazy college outing, be it the much-needed corporate vacation or the long awaited family holiday, we have a lifetime of adventurous sports planned for all. The sky has no limits. Neither should you.

Let's travel BEYOND.

Our Guides and Equipment

Yes, we'll push you beyond your limits. But at the same time, we will keep you safe, every time. We have a team of professional guides with good experience of trekking in the most difficult regions of Himalayas. They are trained, tested and qualified from the reputed Mountaineering Institutes of India.

They travel with one purpose in their mind - your safety. The entire crew consists of professionals who work day-in-day-out in order to provide the best of the services to the trackers. From our guides to the equipment they use, from our cooks to the delicious meals they prepare, we take utmost care that you cherish your every moment as an incredible experience of a lifetime.

Your Safety is our Priority!

Service and Accommodation

We keep your journey raw and exciting. For most of the adventures, you are accommodated in temporary campsites. Varied set of services come with every package.

Built with Alpines or Dome tents, our camps provide you with every necessity like sleeping bags, mats, linens, dining tents, table, chairs and toilet tents, ensuring a natural yet luxurious stay. We also offer equipment on rent for mountaineering, camping and trekking. Cutting a long story short, we deliver the peace, light, and life just as the mountains have to offer.


We take you on a journey which is wonderful but challenging. And so, we make sure you have taken your protein well. Our cooks are properly trained to prepare the most delicious Indian and Chinese cuisine throughout the expedition.

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