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Brace yourself for the adventure that awaits you

There are several activities that are planned to complement the environment here. These include – walking tours of local villages with interactions, nature treks, mountain bicycling (planned), camping, orienteering, walking tours built around local folklore (caves, specific trees, temples), wildlife spotting, bird watching, jungle walks with identification of medicinal plants and trees.

Rock Climbing

One of the most challenging yet exhilarating sports, rock climbing has become one of the most sought after adventure activities amongst people of all ages. Adventure enthusiasts find their adrenalin pumping while climbing steep rocky cliffs and mountainsides that overlook a breath-taking view. Set in stunning locations, we at Beyond The Limit, offer this exciting adventurous sport and help your group build trust, teamwork and leadership.


Trekking is one of the best leisure activities that can be enjoyed by all age groups in Ranikhet. It is best enjoyed in a group of friends. Chit-chatting, admiring scenic beauty, clicking pictures, etc, are just few reasons which always tempt people to go on Trekking.

Valley Crossing

We offer you a thrilling adventure sport in the beautiful Queen’s meadow. You have to pull yourself across the valley, from mountain to mountain or tree to tree, while harnessed on a rope that is tied to a suspended rope with a pulley. Experience a true test of strength and flair for adventure with our valley crossing sport.